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ChemFree / Refrigerator Fresh

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Refrigerator Fresh Natural Odor Absorbing

- Absorbs odor in refrigerators and freezers
- Natural non-toxic mineral salt
- Removes odors inside the refrigerator and freezer for up to 6 months
- Prevents foods from absorbing odors
- Spill-proof
- Lasts longer than baking soda
- Compact and space-saving

To Refresh Crystal
- Simply remove every 8 weeks, rinse under faucet and replace wherever odors are a problem

Chemfree Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- 100% chemical-free
- Contain hydro-minerals magnets & Bact-O-Bane fibers, once it is put into the toilet water tank, it will produce a frequency that helps prevent minerals from adhering to the side of the tank. Such mineral particles will be carried along with the flushing water, resulting in a clean, stain-free and odor free toilet bowl
- Add nothing and take nothing from the water
- Safe for children, pets and the environment.
- Effective for 5 years
- Net weight: 2oz
- Made in USA

- Keep toilet bowls free of mineral deposits (from water or pipes) and bacteria
- Inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent the buildup of fungus and mildew

(1) Clean the inside of your toilet tank thoroughly before using Chemfree
(2) If there is any mulish stains, pour some borax (sodium borate) into the tank and leave it over-night then scrub it again the next day
(3) Just place one into your toilet tank and enjoy a clean toilet bowl for 50,000 flushes or 5 years.
* Be sure to position the Chemfree cartridge in one of the corners of the tank, away from the toilet drain pipe and parts.

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