MyCare Mist A Simple Bathroom Mist Device
Noritz Hong Kong Company Limited
Fully occupy our daily bathing time. Let the benefits of “Mist” integrate into our daily life

● Awaken Skin
- Keep using My Care Mist could assist retaining moisture ability
- Reduce moisture evaporation after bathing
- Enhance watery effect of using skin product by moisturizing our skin

● Relax Body & Soul
- Intensive and delicate mist gently tap our skin (Tapping)
- Assist relaxing and comforting our mind

● Flexible Control
- Nozzle can be adjusted up to 360°
- Place on shower head shelf or hang on the bathtub side

● Easy Installation
- No installation construction
- No electricity
- Simply change the shower head to My Care Mist and it is good to use

- 1-year warranty (please contact Noritz Hong Kong Company Limited directly & refer to product warranty card for more details)

Product Specification:
- Model FM-1
- Dimension: 143 (H) x 258 (W) x 115 (D) mm
- Weight (Main body): 500g
- Mist Volume: 4.0-6.1L / min (water pressure 0.15-0.75 MPa)
- Nozzle flow rate & number: 0.1L / min x 40pcs (water pressure 0.15 MPa)
- Connection Port: One press connection
- Size of mist: average 90um (water pressure 0.2MPa)
- Working water temperature: equal or below 48゚C
- Working water pressure range: 0.15-0.75MPa
- Made in Japan

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